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The Bang Bang Theories

Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That

Here I am, photographing exceedingly SHORT Friday night at our Scrooge’s Night Out event. I had been explaining to Santa just how naughty I’ve been all year.

Lisa with her Dance Ticket:

Two of those Blue Rockets and we were doin‘ our thang out there on the dance floor. I thrilled the crowds with my Elaine-inspired dance moves. Kenny and Tim were impressed that I would actually do that in public – without the requisite dance tickets (5 dirty martini’s) I usually require!

The night had many different elements of Seinfeld, here I am ensconced in my velvet dress. Yep, George’s Dream, livin‘ out loud right here in Cleveland.

Note To Self: Two Fiber One bars the night of a party is a bad decision. I had pretty bad…er…..well, let’s just say Kenny didn’t sit close to me for long.

THIS GIRL had the best outfit of the evening:

I am gonna get me a Southern Belle gown and just keep it on hand for future Christmas party events. Right down to the little lace gloves and the jauntily-cocked hat. Who doesn’t love a jaunty cock.

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