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The Bang Bang Theories

And The Winner Is…

….ME! Yes, I am IRON CHEF AMERICAN GREETINGS, HALLOWEEN OCCASION. I took home the Silver Star for 1st Place Taste, as well as Honorable Mention for Most Unique Recipe.

The Secret Ingredients were: Apple & Pumpkin. I came up with an Apple Sausage with Apple & Onion Bourbon sauce, correctly assuming most people would contribute a sugary confection, and something to cut through all the sugar would reign victorious. I was correct. Plus, it was really fucking tasty stuff.

The Contenders were lined up in the atrium, left to the sampling and voting throughout the day. My sausages didn’t last til noon.

Winners Circle Includes: Neil, Honorable Mention Taste (I voted for his cheesecake it was incredible!); Me – HM Unique Recipe, First Place Taste; Cindy, First Place Appearance (it was a beautifully crafted apple pie); Barb, First Place Unique Recipe (she created a pumpkin seed brittle); Tricia & Regan shared Honorable Mention for something. Huh, I guess that’s not very gracious of me, to not even care enough about the others to pay attention. It was all about me.

Frankly, I don’t know how any beat out this contribution from Ed:

Kenny will never believe me again when I tell him how hard I’m working.

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