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Let’s Go Crazy

No wonder I didn’t have a heapinhelpin‘ of excitement for Friday Night – I designated it “Chore Night.” Who would look forward to that? Kenny’s working, so I figured I’d take care of a bunch of household shit, and now it’s just made me cranky with a touch of grouch to boot. And seriously, I’ve done very little. I feel like I can never get ahead, that’s why I have no sense of accomplishment no matter what task I complete. Oh, I know, I know – Twinkle and Daddy took care of a few things the other night. But there’s still just one thing after the other. We get one table cleaned, and the next one is piled twice as high. I just got done folding 2 loads of laundry (Daddy might wash and dry, but the folding does not happen – which leads to wrinkles and more work, but now I’m just sounding ungratefully bitchy) and scrubbing the common hallway. Daddy and Twinkle took out a bag of trash, that had a leak in the bag, and it looked like a murdered body had been dragged from our house to the driveway. I’ve looked at that for a few days now and decided enough was enough, how long exactly was I just going to walk over it and ignore it.

The rest of my night is going to consist of making a few trips with Stuff in Hand to the basement and trying to get the kitchen table cleared off once again. It had a fleeting moment of cleanliness, but it never lasts very long. At least I’ll have used Chore Friday for getting something accomplished.

Now that I think about it, I have some pretty shitty things to do on my weekend list. I have to write a persuasive speech for work for a 2-day seminar on Tuesday. There’s absolutely no fun in that, with the only silver lining being that I can use it for a Toastmasters speech and let it pull double-duty. I thought about writing that up tonight as well, but it doesn’t appear like it’s going to get done. Ah, well, onto other things.

Last night was my much-anticipated evening at the E.J. Thomas Hall in Akron for my date with Bill Maher. Dag, he was funny! And quite controversial. He brought out the hecklers in the area, and security had to throw them out. Something got ’em all fired up regarding his mention of Rush Limbaugh – they went off on a tangent about the World Trade Centers, didn’t even make sense, but as my father is fond of saying, “It takes all kinds of people to make up a world.”

Bill didn’t disappoint me, and I think I fell a little more in love with him after his rant on the fairytale that’s religion. I, for those readers who don’t know, don’t subscribe to the belief of organized religions. It’s all about making money on some promise with no tangible deliverables. And as Bill pointed out last night, it’s really just some other guy telling you what to think – no one knows. No one knows anything for sure. All these fantasies about heaven and hell and the afterlife – who could possible even know that. No one walking around the earth, that’s what I know. But despite my disbelief in the whole religion thing, I do believe in psychics, so go figure. In fact, Linda and I just discussed making our appointment with one for later this month.

Peace, and I hope to have some exciting photos by the end of the weekend. Photos of more than just cats. Saturday has a plan of attending the Feast of the Assumption. If I dare to take my $700 camera to that, I could probably get some super fun pictures. If I dare…

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