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The Bang Bang Theories

You Can Lead A Cat To Water…..

So I still haven’t learned. I just pitched the Cat Jungle Gym Play Thing off the back porch and onto the driveway for Street Widda to perhaps enjoy, since my ungrateful pets paid it no nevermind. And there I go tonight, purchasing yet another Cat-traption for my beloved indoor housepets. This time, the purchase is a Fresh & Clean water fountain, with the promise of providing aerated, filtered water to keep my pets moist on the inside.

Of course, everyone was frightened. But then like the Man of the House that he is, Twink stepped up to the pump and showed the others how to use it. He’s very, very brave and big and strong.

He kinda liked it a lot, much more than the play house. Or maybe he was just really thirsty.

Once Twink had enough, Girlie was eyeballing it, hesitantly making her way over to check things out. But I couldn’t make her drink…

The pamphlet said to keep their other water out of reach for a day, to try and “force” them to use the new gadget. We predict that Widda will be the last cat to be brave enough to drink from it. I hope I don’t awaken to find her little tongue hanging out of her mouth, dehydrated and stuck to the linoleum. That would be a bad outcome. Do you think they can get electrocuted?? It is mixing water with electricity. When is that a good idea?

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