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The Bang Bang Theories


On Friday I was surprised and dismayed to realize that I have not, in fact, read the entire series of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I would have SWORN I had read all of them, but standing in the adolescent book section at Target, none of it seemed familiar to me at all. So I bought it. How this one got by me remains a mystery. I guess I’m not as “hip” to things as I had imagined. As if reading adolescent books makes me “hip.” Whatev. I remember distinctly the first time I discovered the Magic of the Pants. My exhusband made some comment along the lines of, “Well, I see you’re reading to your level.” “Hey, at least I READ you fat illiterate fucker,” was my response – something along those lines. I think that was about the time he was buried in that old pussy he was fucking, so hey, at least I was aging DOWN if you really want to debate it. Whew, I’ve gotten slightly off track here. The right track is, I now have another book on my To Read list and I am excited about it. I really think I’ve read it, but maybe with age my memory is just so bad I don’t remember it at all. Always a possibility.


Sexy Times

It was an extra-special exciting weekend with the release of the much-anticipated and long-awaited Sex & The City movie! It exceeded my expectations, it was long and good and poignant and happy, all rolled up into 2 1/2 hours. I couldn’t care less what the critics have to say about it – if you’ve developed a relationship with the Girls, you had to love the movie. Maybe I am just more forgiving, because I like them so much, but I didn’t see one thing wrong with the movie at all. I had such a busy weekend planned, I had a hard time squeezing in the show, but I managed and even made time to guzzle down two cosmos before I bounced off to my next activity o’ the day. Saturday was a good day.


Some Kind of Kid Event

Saturday night we had tickets to see New Kids in the Hall, a skitch comedy group that was popular in the 80’s *& 90’s. I wasn’t familiar with them at all, and had ’em confused with New Kids on the Block, thinking we were going to see a concert or something. It was really funny and made for a fun Saturday night. They did a montage that proved Jesus was gay: He was followed around by 12 burly men, they drank lots of wine and washed each other’s feet. Point and Match.


Jesus Board Updates

So the Jesus Board at the the Church on State Road has me head-scratching once again. It never fails to disappoint me with the inane messages they post, which I’m sure they think, “Pure Genius!!” every time they come up with some of this shit. Here are a couple that have had me without words:

“If you want me to bless your nation, just ask” – God

” Jesus was dead for three days. How about you?” – God

Seriously, what the fuck do these messages even mean? Anyone? I’m going to start taking photos. Maybe that will be a new book idea, Idiotic Church Messages. People can send in submissions and I’ll be rich, rich beyond my wildest dreams from an idea that has other people writing the book FOR me, ala Post Secret. Hey, put your pencils down, this is MY idea. Don’t try and steal my stuff.

Alrightie, that’s about all I have time for at the moment. We have a “thing” to get ready for, which I’ll post more about later.

Peace and ask God to Bless Your Nation. Go ahead, ask already. He won’t do it unless you ask.

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