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The Bang Bang Theories

Blog Rant #2

The good thing about gas being nearly $4 a gallon: I didn’t have to stand very long in the rain to put $20 in the car tonight. I barely got sprinkled upon, I was in and out of the car so quickly. Twenty got me 5.1 gallons. Ah, good times. These must be the Glory Days Bruce Springsteen sang about.

Next topic. Is anyone any skinnier since the fast food restaurants have eliminated trans fats? I’m guessing No. Now my french fries just taste like shit. Not to mention the ruining of an American staple – the Girl Scout Cookie. Who the fuck wants a “healthy” Samoa? No one. We want a cookie that leaves a slick on the roof of your mouth. That’s what the milk is for, to wash that away. Now they’re drier and crumblier.

Oh, yeah. Go Cavs. Wait, too late. They lost again. Another reason it’s good to be Cleveland. At least we’re consistent. I saw Cleveland news made it all the way to the Drudge this week. Stated something about, “A heinous gang crime in the poorest city.” Pride, Baby.

This week I’ve determined that I’m focusing my finances towards a home on the beach. Not just any beach. a tropical-waters beach. I realized I can so live there one day. Why not, I say?! Why not, indeed!

I’m off to Chicago in the morning for work. Now that my blog rant is completed for the night, I need to go pack. My $400 airfare to Chicago doesn’t seem so out of scope compared to what it costs to fill up my car. Almost a bargain, really.


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