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A Moist Hard Drive

So I made a pot of coffee this morning, went back to bed for more…rest….., and when I got up to get a cuppa freshly made coffee, I saw a disaster had again ensued with that touchy, tumultuous coffee maker. The filter wasn’t in “just so,” and coffee – and grounds – were all over the countertops, puddling onto the floor. Now, under normal circumstances, it would be a moderate annoyance, to be cleaned up, bitched about, and moved on from. This particular Sunday, I had my work laptop at home with me – in case I needed it for my presentation Monday morning – and it was in it’s bag, resting up against the kitchen cabinets. Which happened to be the final destination for a large amount of the spilled coffee. Right in my computer bag. In my computer. Where all my work resides.

Now, the only thing that is keeping a total panicked meltdown staved off is the fact that I actually thought ahead and printed a hardcopy of my presentation before I left work on Friday, and I have that with me. It is laden with coffee, but definitely salvageable. Otherwise I would stab myself in the heart with a large kitchen blade today.

I’ve got the computer drying out, and I’m going to call ISD ASAP Monday morning before I turn it on, and hope for the best. WTF. WTF. WTF. So that’s my Sunday morning.

Besides that little slice of drama, it’s been a good week. I have fresh hair from an appointment on Saturday at a new salon. Now, considering the November Hair Incident of ’07, I’m frankly surprised – and perplexed – with myself for even considering another salon. But my girl has just gotten so hard to get into, I need another solution at hand. It’s pretty good, I’m not in love with it, but I wasn’t crying. It seems….darker. And redder. Funny, how I say “blonder, lighter” gets translated into that. It’s not bad. But … worthy of the cost? The verdict’s still out on that. I won’t even get into that number, but it’s definately a plane ticket to somewhere exotic. Kenny had a good reaction to it when he saw it – and made a friendly, nice complimentary statement which is just nice that he acknowledged my haircut. He’s good that way, he’s just kind in general.

It was a pretty busy week at the office, getting ready for my presentation, et al. I need to read through it tonight a few times. That, and I have to find all my tax documents, I have an appointment with the tax guy on Tuesday and don’t have my stuff rounded up yet. My tax guy is HOT – bow-chica-bow-bow HOT. I saw a shirtless picture of him. We have a “date” on Tuesday, at least in my mind that’s what it’ll be. It’s more fun that way. I owe the goverment a shitload of scratch if I file the “easy” form. I’ve got to now account for the Avon bidniz, as well as round up all my charitable contribution stuff – and thank Fucksteve for some of those deductions – our ‘marital’ shit was good for something! Mimi is starting a little business this year, and I may decide to go in on it sorta with her, but I haven’t fully decided – but I’ll need something for next year and frankly I’m sick of selling Avon. If you can even call it “selling.” I mostly buy the shit and use it myself. That is one business that definately costs me money.

My volunteer commitments are finally wrapping up a bit. I’m happy about that, I certainly overcommitted myself and will know better for the future. Maybe. I don’t always learn from my mistakes, and I have a track record to prove it. Two marriages; Two divorces. Countless bad hair decisions, yet continue to stray from the usual. Crafting – knitting, cross-stitching, cake decorating, sewing, painting – the list is endless. Again, I think it’s just eternal optimism on my part. Stupid half-full glass!!


Saturday night we played cards at our friend’s house. I won! I won! I must have perfected my poker face – or they were transfixed by my cleavage – and I ended up coming in 2nd place. I think I won eighty large, but I don’t rightly recall. I had two dirty martini’s and a couple of beers. The Kid was there. He opened my beer for me with his forearm. Well, he tried to, anyway, but was unsuccessful with his attempt to impress. I asked him if he liked my new hair color. He replied, “I didn’t even notice you had hair.” Then we capped off the night running race cars around this cool-ass track Pete has built in his basement – complete with working lights and a “nighttime” track – it’s the coolest thing and every boys fantasy. It is fun.

Well, I thought I could end the post with some pictures from bowling, but the blog host isn’t working properly for some reason. My computer just started reading my memory card again, so I was able to pull off the pictures. I’m hoping it’s that kind of computer magic that happens in the morning with my coffee-laden laptop.

Twinkle is napping so deeply on a chair in the living room, I can hear him snoring across the room. It’s pretty stinkin’ cute to listen to. In fact, everyone is curled up for the usual Sunday afternoon nap session. Except us. But we slept in til 10 since we didn’t get home til 3:00 a.m. It was a late night for us.

We just got back from an early matinee, we saw 21, based on the true story of the MIT card counters in Vegas. Those types of movies make me want to book a trip and go to Vegas immediately. I told Kenny to work on his card counting abilities, make us some money fast. I told him so what if he gets beat up in a backroom, a few knuckle sandwiches are a small price to pay for a half-million dollars of fast money. Take it like a man! He told me to suck it. I could never do that, I seriously couldn’t remember what I had in my hand from one bet to the next during the Hold ‘Em game – I had to check every time. Was that a ten and a two? Or a King? Whatever, I couldn’t remember. Some of the crotchety old guys there had an issue with it, but they can go fuck off – we’re not in Vegas, we’re in Brunswick. They need to get over themselves just a little bit.

Peace. Happy April! We (almost) made it though March – another X thru the calendar. Think up some good practical jokes for the 1st. Just leave my computer out of it.

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