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Leading Women Into Good Wifedom

An innocent blueberry muffin was blamed for the tickle in my throat on Thursday. “Drat,” I thought, “just one more reason I don’t like Starbucks pastries – a crumb topping stuck in my throat, leading to a persistent cough all day long.” It wouldn’t dislodge, no matter how much liquid I pushed past it. All day long on Thursday, hack hack hack, cough, sputter, hack. Flashforward two days later (just like an episode of Lost), and here I sit a sneezy, sniffling flu-ridden wreck. And an innocent muffin rests back on it’s laurels, feeling vindicated.

How could I have lived 39 years (according to my My Space profile anyway) and not know that a cough will oft times precede an oncoming cold? Well, Mr. Anderson informed me it’s not uncommon. And he told me that he’s not even saying “God Bless You” anymore to me because he’s sick of all the uncovered sneezing I seem to do around the house. Yes, I’m back at it, just letting it blow all over the place. They sneak up on me. Actually, the sneezes have been so forceful they make my legs and back ache from the sheer force. I don’t believe that’s normal, I think it all somehow ties to my nerve problems in my back. Or maybe a muffin is to blame.

Coffee table update: Much, much cleaner, but not quite all put away. A few random items still lay asunder. We went shopping Friday, in search of a media storage unit, but couldn’t find anything that would meet the need. Today I’m too sick/uninterested to care. But notable progress has been made and it is good.

Future Homemakers of America President. Just one of the many titles I can rightfully claim. Yes, I wore the crown for a high school term sometime between ’82 and ’84. Can’t rightly remember which year, but that’s unimportant. The important thing to note is that I was the leader, guiding those who weren’t girls, not yet women in the proper development of their homemaking skills. Cooking, baking, cleaning, sewing. All of the important skills needed to be a proper wife one day. Meggan laughed and laughed when she heard this little tidbit from my past. We’ve been interested in signing up for a sewing class together and one is being offered in March that meets our after-work time requirements. I’ve been particularly interested in sewing since I’ve been wearing holes in the toes of my left sock for the past few weeks. Just the left one. Rob and I have been trying to come up with a reasonable explanation for it, and I think I finally figured it out. My shoes needed the little buckle tightened, the leather had stretched and they were quite loose and I believe my toe was doing extra gripping to keep from sliding around. But it took me about 8 pairs of socks before I reached that conclusion and rectified the slippery shoe situation. But I digress.

Meggan and I went up to Jo Ann Fabrics Saturday to check out the class offering. We didn’t go up there together, but ran into each other by happenstance. Well, to make a long story short, after two hours of trying to find the required sewing items to build my tote bag (which was quickly adding up to about $80), I was a sick sweaty mess and parked my cart in a back aisle and walked away from the whole sewing endeavor. Instead I signed up for a cake decorating class that starts this Monday, from six to eight for a four week run. I like flowers made out of frosting. I don’t like interfacing and seam rippers. Cake decorating is officially my New Thing To Do for March. And it only required me to purchase a $4 book for my first session. Maybe when I feel a little better (Monday after cake decorating, perhaps), I’ll reattempt purchasing the items needed for sewing and give it a shot. Maybe.

I’m taking it easy for the rest of the weekend. In fact, my cup of Theraflu and I are heading to bed. We did sneak in a movie early this evening, we saw Semi-Pro which was semi-funny. But I was almost too weak to sit through a movie. Times like that I don’t know how Jack Bauer does all that he does in a day.

Peace and keep the hand sanitizer handy. No tellin’ when that cough isn’t a lodged muffin crumb.

Update: Excuse me, but I must mount my Soapbox for a moment. Since when does what J Lo and Marc Anthony name their babies become CNN headline news, while a Policeman killed in Cleveland doesn’t get even a mention? Not that I myself think very much of policemen in particular, but wouldn’t that be just a teeny-weeny-tich-bit newsworthy?

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