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The Bang Bang Theories

What a Difference A Day Makes!

Well, Newfie is back to perky tonight! She was really bad this morning, I had to syringe some water into her mouth and carry her to her litter box before I went to work. I reported in to the vet this morning and he asked that we bring her down right away. Kenny zipped her down there on his way to work. Lucky for us (and Newfie) that he works a little later in the day and was available to do so – I’ve been so busy this week at work that there is no way I would have had the time this morning.

Her insulin was checked and it was a little high, 154, but I’d rather have that than have it be so low she crashes again. I was especially worried since she had no interest in eating – she hadn’t eaten since Saturday, I think. I was expecting very dire news from the vet this evening.

Kenny picked her up on his way home from work, and she must have cashed in one of her 9 Lives – she is SO MUCH BETTER tonight – it’s amazing! Her head is perky, her eyes are bright, she had a few little nibbles of some cat food and licked the water. I think she still needs a little more to drink, I’ll be squirting some into her mouth shortly just to make sure, and I will carry her to the litter box again tonight just in case, but it’s quite a turn around. Very relieved for the moment!

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