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The Bang Bang Theories

Kickin’ It

Friday night we ‘kicked it’ with Kenny Crumpton at the Put-n-Bay bar in Lakewood. It seemed cool, although I don’t watch Fox 8 in the morning as that would require me to be an early riser and that isn’t the way I roll. Does it still count as a brush with local greatness if I don’t recognize him myself? I’m counting it anyway. So there. For those who don’t know me, I’m the one on Kenny’s left.

Thursday the Product Management girls and I had lunch to celebrate Kristen’s birthday. During the course of the conversation, Stefanie (pictured above with me & Kenny Crumpton) and I discovered we’ll be on the same cruise! My Kenny is thrilled and expects hot little Stefanie to work those free drinks for us! I don’t get free drinks on cruises, they always tell me, “That’ll be $5, Ma’am.” I get “ma’am ed”; She gets trayloads of free cocktails. So like any good friend, I’m going to use her to my full advantage! Kenny has named his new piece of luggage “Stefanie” – it’s a Sirroco Spinner model from Samsonite. He calls it the Stefanie Spinner – it does very smooth 360 turns. Anyway, it is just somehow funny and wrong to call his suitcase Stefanie, but it makes me laugh out loud every time. Twinkle was laying on it this morning, so he officially “mounted Stefanie.”

I bought a new coffee yesterday and Kenny just announced it tastes like pussy. Now I’m not sure I can continue drinking it, and of course it’s a giant sized can from Sam’s Club.

We’ve been busy this last week and this weekend getting ready for vacation, I’m trying hard to get ahead of the game so I’m not a stressed out nutcase on Friday night. So far I’ve got a lot done, most of the stocking-up shopping for the pets is done and the few vacation necessity items have already been purchased.

I have some returns I’d like to make, but Kenny is balking at it since one is to Walmart for $2.44. He says that is breaking the returning rules, and it is, but I have the item and the receipt, so why not return it. It’s some sucky headbands, they don’t stay on the head. He says to just throw them out. I caannnn’t. I’d like to, but I couldn’t throw $3 in the trashcan, and throwing these away would be the same thing. So today I will travel alone for my return.

Update: I went to make the Walmart return and the line was so long I decided to get my shopping done first and then do the return. I ended up with $52 worth of stuff in my cart while waiting to make my $2.44 return. Line was still too long. I carefully contemplated the cost of my time and decided f- it and went home, with headbands still in hand. Suck. Still have ’em in the car. Should I attempt a return at another time? It will remain to be seen.

Overall it’s been a dullish 2 weeks, filled with typical ordinariness. We’ve seen a few movies, fully utilizing our “free pass” privileges. Last week we saw 3:10 to Yuma, the new Russell Crowe western. It is one of my favorite movies this year, I could even go see it again and I’m not much of a movie-repeater. Last night we saw Jodie Foster’s new movie, The Brave One. It was not a feel-good movie, but it was enjoyable in a vigilante kinda way.

Mimi and I started a new exercise campaign this past week. Well, we talked about it and she started it. It’s hard for me to commit to starting something with a vacation a week away, I feel I’ll get off-track before I even get started. I have some lofty plans for using the gorgeous gym facilities on the ship (how often do you get the chance to elliptical while overlooking the sea?), but in all reality I’ll more likely be sleeping late, sipping cocktails and playing bingo/gambling while we’re at sea. Maybe not, but it’s more probable than my getting up early and hitting the gym on vacation. Stranger things have happened, you just never know how it’s going to all go down.

Geri’s off to Atlanta for a weekend wedding. They still haven’t sold their house and should be getting ready to move into the new place at the end of the month or early October.

Golf season wrapped up and I couldn’t be happier. We were in 1st place all season, and then sucked the last couple of weeks and fell into 2nd place, losing out on the trophy. I couldn’t even care less (although I would have liked another trophy), because I hated that golf Flight and just wanted to be done playing with them. This will be my last year on the corporate league for a while, next year we’re going to try and find a Women’s league on a short course and play. Geri, Frannie, myself and another girl Janet are so far in. Should be fun if it’s a more friendly crowd and shorter courses. I haven’t been able to hit very well the past 2 years, I think my surgery and my back problems have all made for questionable golfing. I would like to go to Arizona in the spring for some lessons, we’re going to work on getting that trip lined up. We’re hoping to find a place that combines golf lessons and gambling – if all else fails, it’s always a good time with Magic Unicorn.

While we’re at sea next week I’m going to try and keep the blog updated with our goings-on as we get Internet service. I normally like to send emails from wherever I may be, it’s fun to hear from my friendies when I’m so far from home, but updating this site will probably be more effective for saying “hi” to everyone.

Anastasia should be getting ready to burst open with that baby – she’s due next week while we’re on vacation.

That’s all I’ve got. As I’ve said, it’s been an ordinary past couple of weeks.

Peace and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather!

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