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The Bang Bang Theories

Things I Won’t Say

I have a very wise friend in Florida who is a zen goddess who always takes the path less angsty. She’s respectful and considerate and provides a valued moral compass that gently moves you in the right direction.

Recently this zen goddess made a sage social post about the election….”if you win, don’t gloat….if you lose, don’t despair….this has been hard on all of us.”

So basically, be kind. No matter if you’re the left wing or the right wing, we both belong to the same bird, yada yada.

After four years of a president who has never taken the high moral road, we’re being asked to do what he has never done – and many of his culty supporters have never done – because it’s the right thing to do.

So I will take the high road and refrain from saying all the things that bottled up on the back of my tongue, I will swallow them down and not let them escape, and instead work on my higher vibrational path of positivity.

I wanted to shout, “Ha! Take that, Motherfucker!”

But I won’t say it.

On the back of my tongue rested the words, “Finally! After four years of suffering though an idiot bully who has unleashed a staggering number of bullying believers in his bullshit brain-washing rhetoric (fake news! witch hunt! the likes we’ve never seen before! phony election! mail fraud!) we finally get to kick this asshole to the curb!

But I won’t say it.

I want to say, “Worship a false God because he held up an upside-down bible once so obvi he’s a good Christian – so in your false-ass faces.”

I want to say all that.

But I won’t say it.

I want to say, “I hope this election has made you absolutely unhappy, restless, shocked and flummoxed as the last four years has made so many of us with his dividing words and actions, the racists he has lifted out of the sewers they were hiding in and given them too much platform for their ugly voices to be heard – I hope they all go back underground and into hiding again and I never have to hear them speak again!”

But I won’t say it.

I want to say, “I’m glad you know more people are against you than for you!”

But I won’t say it.

I would like to say, “FUCK YOU!!” loudly and in all caps to his sheep supporters who believe the virus is a hoax and yelled TRUMP 2020 in my face at the grocery store when I complained to management about them not putting a mask over their dirty-ass mouths.”

But I won’t say it.

I won’t say any of that.  We’ve always been asked to take the high road, and follow the examples to  better rather than being petty. So I’ll take the high road and I won’t say any of that.  And tomorrow I’ll crank my positive meditation vibes up to high.


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