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The Bang Bang Theories

Much Ado About Nothing

Reader, Hello! It’s the 108,945 day of January and I’m still excited!

Gus, the greatest outdoorsman of all seven three cats, less so.

That’s actually his happy, loving-mama face. He has decided if he can’t beat the weather, he’ll hunker down on my lap and cuddle up, and join me in comfy coziness.

So. Here we are.  Together on this snowy day, unless you’re in a better climate, and then I wonder why I’m not with you.

Yesterday delivered the snowest snow day we’ve had so far, with more than 10-inches piling up out there. I was going to be ambitious and go out and embrace it and make snow angels, but instead I worked on getting bed sores from lying in the same position on the porn* couch all evening long, watching murder shows and movies.

*no actual porn has been acted out or filmed on my living room couch, but with it’s full recline, slick leather-look exterior and built in sound system to play music, it looks like it should be featured in a porn. So it was dubbed the porn couch when it was delivered. But you can sit on it without caution, Reader, should you like to come over and enjoy our cats and our company.

I’m super into wanting to bake cakes for the past few days, and it’s all because of wanting to cuddle up with carbs. Except I didn’t bake cakes because I also want to be less physical me this year, but while retaining all my body parts – I want to be clear on that point, Universe. Don’t try to amputate any of me as wish-fulfillment. I feel like you have to be super clear and specific on what you ask for or it could all go haywire, and frankly I don’t need that.

This is a big nothing post, Reader. I sat down with zero purpose other than to tell you things you don’t need to know about, such as the it’s cold, I don’t wash my hair when it’s cold, I am kind of sort of dieting, I’m trying a bunch of new things but that’s a different post, and well, that’s it. It’ll get better. Just not right now.

**in full disclosure, I started this post days ago – or maybe even last weekend – and had nothing to say, so I abandoned, and thought I’d have more to say by now and frankly I don’t so whatever. Hi. That’s enough sometimes.





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