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The Bang Bang Theories

By Design

Dear Reader, if you’re still out here, it’s been a minute and so. much. things. have happened since we last sat down together.

The long winded short story is we found a kitten on the 5th of July and named her Dory, because 1. she forgets she likes us sometimes and 2. she is ahDORYable.

I heart her so hard.

I took vows to her yesterday, stating my intent to love and cherish and take care of her until death do us part. She then scratched my nose and bit my neck.

So for the first time ever in my life, I’m in a toxic relationship, but I can’t quit her.

However! She has SKILLZ. She has demonstrated her expertise in home interior design!

She has been very busy with adding a little rustic farmhouse flare to our decorating.

One of her specialties is Window Treatments.

Her design philosophy also includes adding interesting texture and patterns to ordinary finishes.

This vase would look better on the floor. Obviously.

She can be hired out to redecorate your interior, using your existing furnishings and decor. She’ll make it look like a completely different home!

No job too big or too small. If she’s not available, she can contract out her work to a pack of wild kittens.


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