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The Bang Bang Theories

We Made It.

If you’re here reading this, we’ve made it.

We didn’t get out of 2021 unscathed.  We’ve lost loved ones.  We’ve lost our sense of self at times. Our compassion. Our humor.

But! Personally, I’ve also been very fortunate in 2021. A great job. Solid friendships. Paid off some offensive bills. I had the good fortune to travel to the Caribbean before the world imploded again with Covid variants. I’ve had enough of everything I’ve needed. Maybe not everything I’ve wanted, but certainly all I’ve needed. My six three cats have all made it into 2022 with us, and my old girl is going to make it to 20 this year. I’ve improved some of my cooking skills. My cooking style can be summed up in 3 words: Hit or Miss. Some things are great, others are meh.

My friend Kelly is an amazing cook and is unknowingly inspiring me. Everything she makes is the most delicious thing.  So one of my goals for 2022 is to try one new recipe a month. When I accomplish this, I will have added 12 new things to my cooking repertoire. Because I easily get into a cooking rut and go back to the same three things:  tacos, pot roast, chicken soup. Although to be honest, I could eat tacos a solid three days a week and not be mad about it. Kelly tries new recipes and if they are a hit, she prints the recipes and keeps them in a binder and then they are always at her fingertips and I’m going to do that, too, because it’s a solid idea.

My brother gifted me with a cooking mag subscription and at first I really didn’t think I would read through it. However, the first issue arrived and I read it from cover to cover. It was chock full of stories and the “why” behind cooking methods that normally I would discount as unnecessary fluff.  Except with the “why” explained, I can get behind the extra steps and maybe just maybe we will enjoy home cooking more around Chez Bang Bang.

We are doing Other Things around these parts, and this is not even what I intended to say to you on this fresh page of the New Year.  But it’s late, I’m full of cake and a crown pork roast and I’ve just said enough for the moment.  So you know. Until tomorrow.

And cheers to a year of More. More of all the best things.



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