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Nothing Much

Hello, Reader, and Good Morning-ish!

I’ve been continuing to practice my morning mantras and meditations, despite the cold and snow. Because I’m a warrior.*

*Not really at all like a warrior. I wrap myself in a blanket for about twenty-five minutes drinking hot coffee. 

I enjoy sitting outside, even with the cold. The cacophony of the birds, a splash of that elusive Cleveland sunshine and a deep appreciation for my pretty pretty neighborhood helps to ground me a bit, at least for a little while.

We haven’t seen our girl Taco the Outdoor Kitty in two weeks now, and I’m getting a little worried she may never show up again.

I keep setting out snacks for her, but so far I’ve only seen the Feral Black Kitty coming around for a bite to eat. He normally runs off, far and fast, as the slightest movement from people, but the other night it was so cold and he must have been pretty hungry. I spotted him outside and opened up a container of canned chicken for him, and he only stepped away and waited in the driveway for me to fill his dish before coming back to gobble it up.

So now I have a Feral Black Kitty I’ve assumed responsibility for, so he needs a proper name. I have just named him Will Feral.

Weather’s predicting we’re in for a shitshow of a snowstorm starting tonight. I’ve got to fill my bird feeder and ensure Will Feral has a stocked dish. I had a little house for him outdoors, but I think that felt too risky for him to use – stranger danger and all that.

In full disclosure, I started this post on Sunday, but didn’t have any more to say so I held off on posting. I thought maybe something else would pop into my head, but it’s already Monday and nothing more has popped into my head.

We’re going to just leave it here.  Sometimes that’s the best we can do.


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