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The Bang Bang Theories

Here We Go, 2021.

If it’s true that how you spend the first day of the New Year dictates the rest of the year, I am in for a lot of sleep and chocolate cake, which frankly sounds like I’ll be living my best life ever.

With the thought in the back of my mind that what I do today could in fact have a bearing on the rest of my year, I did make a concerted effort to also engage in the following activities:

1/  Stand outside on the deck and stretch and take some yoga-breaths in and out, despite getting rained upon, because nature is good for the soul, even when you’re viewing the destruction of December’s storm to your backyard, knowing that Mother Nature is a Mother who does what the hell she wants.

2/ Drink a good amount of water, including a bottle of San Pellegrino, which I’ve added to my daily-ish routine since reading about the health benefits of adding this mineral-rich water to my bod

3/ Take all my meds and vitamins on their routine, which has slacked off during the last few weeks of pre-post-pre-post-pre-post holidays since Thanksgiving, which is a whole of of pre and posting holiday excuses to justify why I forgot to take my Vitamin C et al.

4/ Did some stretching around, because I do yoga. I mean, in the loosest sense of the word, but I started it last January or and while I haven’t kept it up on the daily, I’ve kept it up a whole hella lot more than I did any other year before.

So basically, today was about balance. Balancing out my noon wakey-up-y with some outdoorsy breathing and cooking for my blind raccoon and eating more chocolate cakey, and also having a pint of raspberries because nutrition, and drinking water and making spaghetti sauce and now here we are, typing up a New Years non-inspirational message of hope, but more of, “Let’s just do the best we can more often than not, and if we can’t do the best we can every single day because we’re tired sometimes, just try to balance it out with some water and raspberries and maybe a vitamin so we don’t feel all sluggy and feed something that needs a meal and can say, “Pretty Good Job, Me,” at the end of the day.

That’s my wish for you, Reader, as we leap into 2021. That every single day you have at least one reason to say, “Pretty good job, Me.”

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