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The Bang Bang Theories

Between the Sheets

On Blursday I steam-ironed my sheets, Reader.

Because the wrinkles were really, really bugging me.

We recently purchased new sheets from Costco while we were on an ESSENTIAL COFFEE RUN, as we are hunkered in and drinking far more cuppsa coffee than the norm. While we were there, we snapped up new sheets because our current model was El Cheapo From Walmart and while they were cute and soft enough, they refused to stay adhered to the corners of the mattress and it was annoying AF to wake up in the morning with the fitted sheet turning you into a burrito.

Since I haven’t been sleeping well At. All. as of late, I concluded that new sheets and pillows certainly couldn’t hurt matters and #2/ probably stop drinking all the coffee all day long.

I mean, Reeeee. Deeerr. The sleeps is SO BAD, none of my normal tricks have been working. Yoga / stretching routine before bed, sleep mask, Meditainment.com*, cat, warm bath, hot shower, sex, tv, reading – NOTHING was working to put me into a deep and delicious slumber.  It is getting sirrious at Chez Bang Bang, and also a tich on the totally yell-y side if I must admit.

So new sheets and the new down pillows that were offered up for a very reasonable pricetag went in the cart. And they are de.li.ci.ou.s.

Except.  They had a really big stink to them when I first unpackaged. So they got a good washing, but then in the dryer they did that totally annoying twister game they play, and there ya go, wrinkled up new sheets.

Normal Un-quarantined Me would just let it go and sleep on those wrinkled sheets. Quarantined Me got out the steamer and went to work. Because the fun never stops at Chez Bang Bang.

Even more fun was cooked up today, Reader. I conducted a not scientific at all taste-off, comparing organic vs. non-organic raspberries. Also purchased during the Costco Coffee Essential Travel Run. The verdict: While they did taste differently, I wouldn’t say one was more flavorful than the other.  For what it’s worth, which was about $3 more for the organic version. I shall enjoy eating them both, is the final verdict.

And as for those sheets helping Trixie get to sleep?? That first night? She slept clean through the night, for twelve solid hours. Twelve. And so far they haven’t let her down.

*if you haven’t used Meditainment.com yet, Reader, I highly recommend and it’s free. They have a variety of meditation options and normally the sleep one really helps me get right into a hard slumber. It works on Kitty Purry, too, and she start snoring within moments. If that’s not a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is.

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