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I just learned that I’ve been using the word “irreverent” incorrectly FOR YEARS now to describe my bloggy and wow, shame on me for just now looking up the actual definition. I still think it’s a good word, but I’d like it to mean “nothing important whatsoever” instead of insulty and disrespectful. I think I thought it meant something a little more like irrelevant, only MORE than irrelevant, like, it has a purpose, just a silly one. Irrevalent. My blog is irrevalent.

Someone with wikipedia skills, get on there and add that new word for me.

So at the risk of sounding all righteous, just so you know and to rub it in a little, I have been kicking my own A-dash-dash at the gym since Saturday, and only didn’t go tonight because I got mah hairs did and they look too damn extra to get all disheveled without  s – e – x  being involved to do the disheveling. That is the only good reason to mess up salon hair, and I’m not having any of that down here. And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it (but really it’s true, it just sounds more dangerously exciting if I lead you on).

In other things I’ve thought about today, Reader, well, these are completely irrevalent, but here we go:

1/ I really do not enjoy cartoon movies. The Mermaid live action thing is playing on the telly right now, because I felt pressured to turn it on because everyone is doing it, duh, and I don’t want to be a square. However. I just don’t get it, nor do I want to get it. And plus, they showed the live action parts and there were BALD MEN gyrating near the stage, and it was weird and get a life, Old Men.

2/ I have realized lately I don’t really like spaghetti any more. I still like lasagna, but I’m not keen on spaghetti or ravioli or those types of things with sauce.  I made myself some quick cheese ravioli with a jarred alfredo sauce for an easy dinner and it was just meh.

3/ I have also realized lately that I do still like desserts, and would like to choose to just have dessert for dinner but society says that’s wrong, and they are the real squares.

4/ Daylight Savings Fall Back still sucks in Florida, except at least it’s WARM and dark instead of cold-AF and dark like it is back at home.

5/ Do you know what AF means? If not, you’re the real square, Reader, and while I don’t want to call you names, my fingers made me.

6/ I saw myself in full frontal naked last night at the gym, when I was getting mah clothes off to get into the red light district, aka the shakey machine, and I stood and just looked at myself for a full minute and wondered what in the hell has happened here.

7/ People on the radio were going on and on about Rosario Dawson’s “perfect” vagina from some nudie movie she was in, and curiosity got the cat, wherein I am the cat, and I had to google that thing. Turns out, it is quite nice looking and now I’ve got some hangups about my own situation that I’ve never had before.  I mean, it’s hard enough being me, see point number six.  I don’t need crotchal insecurities thrown into the mix, yet here we are.

I think we can end on that note.

2 thoughts on “Me-Hee-Hee

  1. I also think people constantly use the word vagina incorrectly. I mean, didn’t they take health class? The vulva is the visible and perfect or imperfect (sic) thing you could see if you looked on the internet. I am betting that since the vagina is inside the body, probably only her gynecologist has ever seen it.

    1. Vagina is now used for that whole area below the belly button and up to the b-hole. Anything there is now our vaginas. It’s like the electoral college got a hold of the territory and redrew the map.

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