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The Bang Bang Theories

Right Turn

Today was not my favorite Monday. Now, I know good and well, Reader, Monday makes no promises.  Except I had that whole brand new vitamin routine to test out, and maybe I put too much burden on its shoulders.

I expected too much, perhaps, from a lone Centrum Women.

I actually debated if I was a Centrum Silver candidate, and had them in my hand, but just couldn’t make that commitment yet. I think I’ve got at least fifteen more years before I’m a Centrum Silver.  Sshh, Reader. That’s the story ‘m telling myself.

This morning I got off on a late foot.  I overslept after a night of fitful sleep.  Why is it that I can’t be as tired at 11 p.m. as I am at 6 a.m.? I get the best sleep from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Tonight I’m hoping for a better go at it under the covers.

I remember when that phrase had a whooole different meaning. Ahem.

The workday itself was meh, nothing big, just meh, which is frankly a win in a whole lot of books for a Monday at work.  I have a lot to get done this week.

After work, since the day wasn’t setting my soul on fire, I took a right instead of a left and headed towards the beach.

I decided to make Florida work in my favor. Again.

It often delivers without my even asking.

I have witnessed some of the most beautiful sunsets driving home from work. So so pretty. Pinks blending into oranges and then into reds. All the puffy clouds.

The reach of the palm trees.

That right turn led me here.

The sea was angry today, my friends. Crashing and aggressive. I sat and watched it for a while and inhaled deeply and exhaled what was stressing me until the salt air soothed my restless soul tonight.

And then I headed to Canal Street and had an appetizer and a $5 margarita and talked to a nice woman who sat down next to me.

She and her husband lived in Florida for 18 years, with a home right on the beach. They sold it and moved to Georgia to be near their oldest daughter. But then Georgia just got too damn cold for her, so two years ago they moved back.

Lived a block away from where we were having dinner. Asked why I lived so far from the beach.

Money, honey.

When they moved from their beach house, they got a cool million for it.  When they moved back two years ago, they couldn’t have afforded their old house. It’s now valued at three million.

And that’s why I live 30 miles from the beach.

Today found a little bit of it’s soul for me.  Some crashing waves. Some friendly words. A nice drive  again watching another beautiful sunset close out the day. And my small girl waiting for me when I got home. 

Let’s do it again tomorrow, Reader. Only I’m going to work harder for less meh during the day.

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