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I Should Be Packing.

Well, Reader, it’s here.  A few things, actually.  Finally, nice weather to enjoy a cuppa joe on the deck. That’s been a rarity around these Northern parts.

The creek is babbling.

The birds are a-chirping.

It’s a good day here.

It’s also one of my last few days here to enjoy the deck here on the ravine. Tomorrow morning I head off to The Sunshiny State, just in time for Peak Humidity season. I had a get-together on Sunday and upon looking at a few pictures, I don’t know what was going on with my hair, but it was already looking like Hot Humidity Hair.  It thinks it’s already southern hair, apparently.

I still haven’t packed yet.  I mean, I put together a bag of food for the cooler to eat on the trip down.  Does that even count as packing?? I just gathered it up while I was cleaning out the fridge and freezer last night. I passed along a buncha food I know won’t get eaten in the next six months, tossed a lot that has been in there too long, and wiped out all the shelves.

I’m only mad at myself for tackling projects that have been lingering, just in time to not really enjoy the fruits of my labors. I figure the house will be like a time capsule of however I leave it though – and I’m tentatively planning on being back over the 4th of July.

Kitty Purry will need her mama by then.

Here she is enjoying some butter from my cinnamon toast that I plopped onto her snoot.

With her mama gone, who will do that? No one, that’s who. That’s why it’s so tough to leave these babes behind, because no one takes care of them like their mama.  But it’s only temporary, just til I get it figured out down there.

And I will figure it out.

It’s the next Adventure, come what may.

The hardest part is leaving everyone behind.  I’ve got a great group of people here.  But it’s not for good, it’s just for now.

So that’s it. I’ve got the last load of clothes in the washer. The dishwasher is also doing it’s job.  I’m going to go start gathering up the essentials I think I need to live somewhere else. That should be an interesting exercise, to see what I think is important enough to drive a thousand miles with me.


2 thoughts on “I Should Be Packing.

  1. God Speed until you get back to the best city in the country…Much Luck (we all need luck) to go with your already fabulous self.

  2. I left my old home with a suitcase of clothes, a laundry backet full of shoes (it’s me after all), travel size amount of shampoo and what not (you can buy that stuff when you get there) and nothing else. I realized that I couldn’t (and didn’t need to) pack up my friends and memories because I carry them with me wherever I go. Plus, and here is the BEST news I can offer as you set out on your journey tomorrow… You are going to transform and most of what you leave behind wouldn’t fit with the newly minted Trixie or WORSE would hold you back from embracing who you are about to become. Take a shower and let that news wash over you and then get ready for the adventure to begin. Speedy and safe travels my wonderlust friend.

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