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The Bang Bang Theories

Every Little Thing. Is Gonna Be Alright.

We’re going to try something a lil bit different here, Reader, because while I have a hundred bajillion things to tell you, it doesn’t seem to make it here to you with any sort of frequency. So I’m playing one of the Games of The Internets, wherein we answer a buncha questions and hence get a story of sorts told.

I need a guide, apparently, and I like this format.

I have so so so many really important adult-type things I need to be working on, for instance doing some stuff for my JOB, except I watched some videos on stuff to get learned up and now I need a mental break. This is where you benefit, Reader.  You’re welcome.

So let’s get to it and talk about some Gratitude Things. I am trying so hard to hold on to the gratitude moments, because there are many, but it’s so easy to get all caught up in the anxiety of Getting Everything Done. All the more reason to go on our guided chat.

What We’re Eating This Week…  I tend to go on cooking sprees when I’m stressed or overwhelmed. It’s a way for me to make something delightful out of a bunch of different things, and I get a little caught up in it, despite usually having a giant mess to clean up after. This week I made Lemon Chicken for the first time ever, and I added baby portabellas to it and it was really yummy. I didn’t like it much the first night that I made it, I thought it was too sour, but after the flavors settled, it was really good the next day.  I also made lemon squares for dessert – they say your body craves what it needs so maybe I needed some sour, which is odd because frankly I think I’ve been sour enough lately.  Ask My Mister, he’ll tell you.

In other What I’ve Had In My Mouth Lately news, I dug up an old cake recipe that used to be my very favorite chocolate cake in the whole wild world (yes, wild, my fingers typed that instead of wide and it felt right so I left it).  I’ve made this cake twice in the span of two weeks and it was equally fantastic both times. Well, the second time was a little better, as I made a better frosting. It’s Depression cake, an old recipe that requires no eggs, butter or milk. We called it Crazy Cake growing up. Mmmmm…now I want another slice, but it’s all gone.

What I’m Reminiscing About… Cooking was such a part of my growing up years, as my mama always had something on the stove. I think that’s why I lean toward cooking during times of high stress, because it brings me closer to her and also my grandmother, and it brings me comfort.  I saw this post on Facebook and it’s where I’d like to go this week, back, back to the barefoot girl with stubbed toes and carefree days and my mama on the front porch yelling that supper’s ready. 

Mother’s Day is always wrapped in angst for me, I didn’t get enough adult years to celebrate with my mom. Maybe I need to just be a little easier on myself this week, and forgive myself for not getting so many things on the to do list done, and instead say hooray for what I did accomplish (not much, Reader, unless eating a gallon of ice cream is counted as an accomplishment).

What I’m Loving… This week I’m loving my sun-kissed face, because I brought back a little bit of color from my trip to Florida. I had one luxurious day in the pool and was careful to not get burnt, but did get a little bit of a glow. I love it because I can see that tinge of color and be reminded how just a couple of days ago I was listening to ocean waves, floating on my back looking up at the cloudless sky, laughing and talking with new friends and making s’mores.  Friday was a really good day.

I needed this reminder to hold on to the gratitude, because even though things are in flux and a little chaotic and also weighing on my mind and robbing me of sleep, all signs point to it’s all going to be okay.

Since this seems like it can fill a page really easily, we’ll end it here for now and pick it back up maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, what about you, Reader? What are you loving, cooking, dreading, working on, excited about? Let’s share.

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