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Grizzly Bang Bang

Reader, it only took  me umpteen number of years and that same umpteen number of tries before I finally learned how to make sausage gravy.

I know, you’re jelly of my #LifeGoals right now.  And probably hate me even more for using the term “jelly” just now. What can I say, I’m high on the fatty and starchy goodness of southern cooking.

As the old adage goes, “Don’t judge a gravy by it’s appearance.” It’s much more delicious than it looks.


My mama used to make sausage gravy. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was lumpy. It just seemed so tricky and unpredictable.


I’ve learned the secrets to success, and have repeated these successful results twice in a row now, so it’s all very scientific proven! And also, can a seamstress who’s a wizard with a needle and thread please stop in and let out the waistband of my yoga-that-has-never-actually-done-yoga pants??

If you, too, have struggled with the unknown secrets of the universe of gravy-making, it’s all revealed right here.  No go on. Get your stretchy pants on and have a hearty breakfast. All the cool kids are doing it. Like a buncha wild bears, bulking up for a long, cold winter.


One thought on “Grizzly Bang Bang

  1. Honey women from the south are born with this knowledge. It’s on our birth certificate. You know it’s like that Ole saying I can bring home the sausage fry it up in a pan, because I’m a WOMAN.

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