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Get Into the Groove

So what can I say, Reader – I’m a terrible lame-o prankster. My jokies fall into about three categories: Getting married, getting pregnant, or the holy-terror-threat of blog-stopping. We both know, Reader, that getting married is plum crazy-talk! And the ovary ship has sailed on the preggers jokie. That left no choice but the threat of all this nonsense going away. It didn’t seem too far-fetched as I haven’t been around much – not as much as I had hoped anyway.

I had such lofty aspirations to be more writer that I even started using Trello to organize my thoughts, but then that didn’t really work either because it was just one more thing to do, and then I didn’t have much that was interesting me lately.

But it’s going to get better! I’m feeling more interested! And I’ve tried some new things and I can’t WAIT to embarrass myself share them with you here!  Tomorrow night I had hoped to try a bungee workout, except I’ve thought better of it because I’m leaving for a week-long vacay on one of the officially prettiest beaches on God’s Blue Earth, and I can’t risk a bungee injury beforehand.

So I’m going to save that up for my return.  I was going to link it here for you to see, but instead just go to Almighty Google yourself and you’ll see the craziness my brain thinks I should try. I’m not sure if this is crazier or safer than the jumping shoes.  But apparently I want to get aloft, because I keep entertaining all these ideas. The heart wants what the heart wants.

In other news, things that have been keeping me busy have involved using my hardwood living room floor as a discotheque, because I had made up my mind to learn some cool moves for my trip beachy beach.  Now, there is absolutely zero point zero reason to think that this vacation is going to have dancing in the evenings, but I wanted to be prepared.  I don’t have natural born dancing skillz. I don’t have any hop in my step, I don’t have any rhythm.

One night I threw a tantrum until he complied sweetly asked K to teach me some line dancing. He’s a DJ, he’s seem ’em all a jillion times – so we spent a few minutes practicing some hipping and hopping and shuffling and casper sliding and then he just sort of gave up and went to brush his teeth because after about the first four steps I was lost.

His advice to me is, ‘If there IS dancing, stay in the middle of the group. All those bodies will sort of shuffle you along in the right direction.”

My plan is to mostly just stay a little drunk.

These are the things I focus on, Reader, when I’m not here with you.

I’m sorry there’s no video of these endeavors. And you’re welcome, because really it should only be witnessed with a drink or twelve in your own hand.

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