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The Bang Bang Theories

Sunday Funday Leads to Monday. Soon. But Not Just Yet.

I just cannot even believe we’re here already, on Sunday night, Reader. And what have we accomplished, I ask you.  I mean, nicely and without any sort of condemnation in my tone, because just because I haven’t accomplished much doesn’t mean you haven’t, amiright.

I’m right.

So I’m not here to judge you very much because that’s not what we do – we do the opposite here, complete trust falls – in our minds, anyway. We can’t actually do trust falls with each other unless you come over, which of course you’re more than welcomed to, unless – as we’ve established numerous times here – unless you’re a bad guy. Then, stay away.

My Mister and I went to a very late lunchio today, and it was the surprise fun time of my weekend. I don’t normally mention other people’s business, except this business became my business, when a stranger-man came up to me in the restaurant and in an excited voice asked if he was in the presence of the Great-And-Famous-Amongst-Dozens-Trixie-Bang-Bang, and so I had my first sighting as the local celebrity that I am. I signed his chest in red lipstick as his souvenir. Except that part didn’t really happen, because it was a set-up by his girliefriendie, who is also my friendie, and I appreciated her effort at this little interlude because it made me lol, and then we schooched over and ordered drinks and proceeded to tell the Untold Stories of Trixie Bang Bang, which may or may not have included embarrassing stories of bodily functions, with the sort of sharing that is usually reserved for more-than-the-first-time-meetings and accompanied by many many more drinks. But it was as if we had done mental trust falls with each other and so the stories, much to their dismay delight, flowed like the wine that was spilled across the table. Not by me, Reader. Not this time, anyway.

So there.

I do want to say we also had some other fun times this weekend, but this was the surprise fun time.  The other times were planned fun times.

It’s because of those fun times that my floors didn’t get scrubbed this weekend, not even lightly vacuumed. I may go and do that before the night is over so I don’t feel like a totally non-accomplished home owner. Sometimes I don’t think I deserve to even own a house, because ya know what, Reader – it’s hard to carve out the time to do the should-do’s and also the wanna-do’s.

This afternoon I had a call with another one of my friendies and we chatted about creative things and it was really inspiring and then I created a whole entire new business and ordered business cards for it, and also started to re-design a few of my things and yet I still feel as if I didn’t do enough.

I think I’m an overachiever if i can’t take “Create a Whole New Business” as enough of an accomplishment for one day. A procrastinating overachiever, which is really something special, frankly, and takes a lot of extra skill.

But there’s always just too many things on the to-do list.

Bills. Cleaning. Organizing. Putting away. Picking up. Water plants. Cleaning up after cats. t’s tough to make the time for the fun creative things.  Which is why I decided to sit down and write some sort of a story here for you, Reader, despite it not being super exciting stuff, but more “eh, this is life” stuff. Because sometimes the ‘eh, this is life stuff’ is all that you get in the day, and sometimes that is good enough.

UPDATE:: OMG, Reader. I’m going to be insufferable right now. I have POWERED THROUGH a buncha house cleaning.  It is lookin’ shiny like a new penny around here at the moment! Vacuum, dusting, mopping, scrubbing – window cleaning in the bedroom.  BAM!  And I’m not even drunk!! Double-BAM!  I have a smidgen of dusting left to do in the bedroom, then fresh sheets and it is time to hunker down for the night. I just thought I’d take a moment to gloat share with you, Reader.


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