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Sump’in’s Cookin’

Because it’s November in the Northeast, it’s doing a whole buncha this outdoors today:

We were even treated to a little bit of snowy slush.

Which is no surprise to any of us, so no complaining allowed.

When I went to take a picture of the deck the kittens ran outside and were very unpleasantly surprised.  DJ slid on the leaves on the deck and then was frightened to walk to come back inside. He’s like his mama like that – we don’t like slipping on surfaces. This is why I outfit my tootsies in Yaktrax throughout the winter. I’m fiddy-one. I can’t risk breaking a hip. And we all know that it takes nothing on a surface to make me fall and scrape my knees and elbows.

So with all that going on outdoors, it puts me in a “make the house a home” cooking mood. My childhood Winter Sundays were filled with the smells of good things cooking on the stove. All. The. Time. Soups and chili and spaghetti and meatloafs and pot roasts.

Today I cooked.  Sausage-stuffed peppers in a homemade sauce. I mean, really homemade. I had some tomatoes that needed used up and so I boiled them, and peeled the skins and made my own sauce.

It seems to have turned out pretty good, although I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with it. Peppers and sausage isn’t exactly My Mister’s thang, yet here I am with a pot of it. I like it, but not a whole giant potful. Some lucky Reader may be getting a Meals on Wheels drop off this week.

My Instant Pot Wife and I also made the best chicken soup I think we’ve ever concocted. It was dinner.

And then I was petering out on the cooking extravaganza but still whipped up some chocolate chip cookie dough because they are most-requested during the holidays so I’m trying to get a head start and freezing them as I go.

Now you know what we had for supper. You can rest easy in that knowledge now.


*p.s. – I had started this much earlier in the day and had a plan in my head for something more interesting than what the hell I cooked, but I don’t know what happened to that thought. So then I was going to just delete this whole thing, but then that would be a waste of just my minutes, and now with my leaving this story up, it’s a waste of both of our minutes which feels more like how sharing works. You’re welcome.

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