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The Bang Bang Theories

Same Time This Year.

I have three quick minutes for you right here, right now, Reader. I need to be washing up mah hoohahhh and getting finished packed up, because I’m heading to Graceland in a couple short hours. So really I have zero business sitting here doing this except I have free will, so here I sit.  Right now, I’m really really really glad I recognized my limits last night and knew I could not leave ALL the packing til this morning. It’s 90% done. Just make-up & toiletries, after I shower all this up. I don’t want to risk a stinky hoohahhhhahah for The King. Or stinky armpits.  It would be a disgraceland.

Why am I worried about my armpits, you ask? Oh, why thank you for inquiring, Reader! I’m worried because I’m back on that dern antibiotic  – again – for a recurring motherfucking infection in mah tootsie.

I can. not. seem. to. get. this. to. go. bye. bye.

It’s presenting a challenge, shall we say.

My last doctor appoint brought up the topic of possible surgery to see what the what is going on down there, putting me under so he can dig in deep.

I was thrilled at that last appointment, as you can imagine. Let’s pretend they were tears of joy oozing out of my ducts.

My doctor kept trying the old diversion tactic once again.  It wasn’t working.

So the long and short of it is, I have to go get packed. Let’s do a quickie recappie summary of what we’ve learned:

  • I’m back on a strong antibiotic.
  • This is the same antibiotic that made my armpits shoooo-weeee last time.
  • I’m thrilled about it.
  • I’m going to eat BBQ this weekend.
  • And listen to jazzy music on Beale Street.
  • I get to probably have surgery when I get back.
  • There won’t be as much fine drinking as I had anticipated this weekend.
  • My work portion of the trip – which was my whole entire reason for going in early (sssshhhh, don’t tell Elvis, I don’t want to hurty his feelings) – has been cancelled because I cannot participate in extreme walking which is what this work trip entailed.
  • Despite this little set-back, I’m still going to Graceland.
  • I will squander precious time to blab out words to you, Reader. Despite a firm time I have to actually be out of the house. You’re welcome.
  • I also might get to wear another wound vac!! More good news, Reader!! I loved that thing attached to my foot!!
  • It’s been almost a year exactly since I had the spider bitey footsy problemo. Seems to be my theme.
  • Things could always be worse. Little problems, Me. Little problems.

Hope your weekend is filled with weensy-teensy mild interruptions and we all blow right by the big problems, Reader. Especially my Irma Pathway friends. Stay dry. Stay safe.  We can weather our storms together.



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