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The Bang Bang Theories

Not So Silent T

Summertime is still hanging on by the skin of it’s teeth, Reader – and I’m hanging on to it just as tight. For a number of very important reasons, I am willing the days to pass slowly.  The boys are also hanging on tightly to beautiful summer evenings.

Speaking of “important” – you’re about to learn one more of Trixie Bang Bang’s Pet Peeves.

Has anyone else noticed the trend of the younger generation in pronouncing the word “important” as “impor’ent” – are they teaching the Silent T in school nowadays, Reader? I mean, I guess if we can have silent other letters, why not the T, but it seems rude to the T, and does this mean my name is now “Rixie Bang Bang”?? I guess the T is no more impor’ent then the K in as in words such as knee, etc., but yet I still give the Silent T a thumbs down. Or is that a Humbs down? Do you see how not pronouncing the T in the word important is just confusing the system, Reader? If you are guilty of this practice, stop it right now before there is even more chaos in the world.  We already have Rump in office. Don’t make life even more difficult. Enunciate. Do it for us old, crotchety folks.

Since we’re on the topic of letters, let’s have a candid chat about this cute guy, see below.

That was him being cute and stretchy and relaxed in bed Friday morning when I should have been heading to the Card Mines, yet I found this impor’ent enough to pause and take a cute photo because comeon. Look at that paw.

You know what part of him wasn’t so cute?

Him, the other night when I noticed his walking on the counter and backing up and peeing right on a brand new bag of peaches I had brought in from the grocery store.

Yes he was lightly tapped on the ass and called bad kitty spanked and gruffly yelled at. Did it do any good, though? Of course not, Reader. Of course not. He thought he was just doing his job, putting the “pee” in peaches.

You may find it surprising that it was even questioned if we ate them anyway. While we may have reached some lows around Chez Bang Bang at times, we haven’t limboed so low that we’re eating cat pee food. Yet, Reader. Yet. I don’t want to appear that I have special powers to predict the future.

In other news from Chez Bang Bang, if you’re wondering about my dern tootsie, I still have a wound that is taking it’s sweet time in healing. I’m still under my foot doctors care, and am cleaning and dressing it daily, and hoping it will just finally knock it off and get back to it’s original bad state instead of extra bad.

So there’s the foot update.

In even more other news, tonight is Clean the Filthy House night, because my invite fingers got away from me and I’m having a hamburger extravaganza tomorrow afternoon. I love having company. I hate cleaning like a banshee. I think I’m alone in having to clean so hard, and I just frankly cannot understand why. When I do wonder, the finger often points in the direction of my seven three cats.

It felt really weird to type “seven” and not “eight.”  We miss Girlie and just picked up her ashes a few nights ago.

My friend just “inherited” three cats this weekend. Her friendie died and there was no place for her kitty cats to go, except the shelter and my friendie said no to that. She isn’t looking to go to a permanent status of crazy cat lady in the blink of an eye, so Reader, if you or if you know anyone with a kind heart who would help take in a middle-aged cat, it would count as your good deed for the next several years, and we would even gift you with your very own Have a Good Enough Day(TM) coffee mug.  You read that right, Reader. You could have a lap warmer and a coffee holder all for FREE. Contact me to find out how simple this little transfer can be!! 

Alrightie, I have a filthy house clamoring for my attention. I would love to neglect it, but a small toddler is the star of my company tomorrow and I can’t have him eating furballs off the floor. His mama would probably frown on that.

Do me one favor, Reader – wish for molasses-slow days with me. And take in a kitty cat. That’s not too much to ask among friends, now is it.

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