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The Bang Bang Theories

In Season

This is my view right now, which I am throughly enjoying:

A little evening writing. I was worried the mosquitos would be severe, but so far only one or two little annoyers. Worth putting up with to hear my little creek and the night sounds.

I’m so happy on my little deck, that rail with the lights really transformed the place.  I’ll be sad when it’s time to put it all away. Speaking of which, this tree a couple houses down from mine seems to think it’s already autumn:

I mean, comeon now, Tree. I feel almost certain it was green at one point this year, so I can’t quite believe it’s dead. I’m no horticulturist, but I’d think it would have zero leaves on it if it were dead, right? I need a tree expert to weigh in on the situation. Mr. M? Ask your brother. This is the most important thing he needs to work on right now. Why is the tree on my street prematurely seasoning??

Mostly I’m glad that this tree isn’t in my front yard or I’d be beside myself. I don’t keep up on every thing around Chez Bang Bang – on, no sirrree, not by a long shot – however, I get very picky about certain aspects of house and yard, and a deadish tree in the front would drive me nuts.  The other night, while working on my office space (going on two years now, stop judging me, Reader – I’m a slow-and-steady-wins-the-race-if-I-don’t-die-first turtle) I was fucking around with the window in the dormer and noticed the upper portion has a gigantic crack in it. It’s not shattered or anything like that, but there’s a crack and it’s been haunting the back of my brain ever since I discovered it. I don’t even know how the hell it could have happened – there’s nothing near it, inside or out. Maybe a bird – like a hawk-sized hard-headed bird flew into it. Wouldn’t be the first time Nature has fucked with my glass.  A deer crashed into my sliding door in the basement and shattered it a couple of years ago.

So yeah. That’s it for a quiet Tuesday night in the neighborhood, Reader. Hope you’re enjoying some of these short-lived summer nights.


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