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Ex’s and Oh’s!!

Reader, where have you beeeeeeen???? I mean, where have I been! I mean, I know where I’ve been, and it’s been being busy, but we’re all busy.

I’ve been sitting a lot on my deck for the past two weeks. Because it’s all cute-ed up early in the season, and we, meaning me and my eight three kittehs have really been enjoying some nice weather and back-porch sitting.



Because nice weather is sometimes tough to come by in CLE and we’ve gotta make some hay while the sun is shining, except we’re not really making hay, we’re making other things.




You Guys, I’ve got some exciting not exciting news to tell you about!!

I’ve been working on a big project since the beginning of the year.  With a smarty-pants talented ar-teest, who has been collaborating with me to bring a product to market.

He’s also the ar-teest who has helped me get my deck all cute-ed, because he’s extremely handy with his hands. Ahem.

This product has been a lot of fun to work on, except it also takes a while to grow a baby, and there have been a lot of steps involved and we’re still not ready yet with websites and all the behind-the-scenes hoopla that needs to happen. But I’m going to share it with you now because in other news which is exciting not exciting, I have to give my baby up for adoption, and while I know it’s new mama will take great care of it, it still hurts my heart to not be hands-on as it grows.

Life is full of a lot of choices, and while the rewards can be worth it, it seems like there’s often some sort of sacrifice.

Sometimes you make choices and then just have to sit with it and hope it all works out.

So some of the exciting not exciting news is, I’ve been getting woo’ed into getting back in bed with my ex.

He’s made me an offer that was too interesting to pass up. I know, Reader, I know! We’ve had our issues in the past, and I should leave the past in the past, but sometimes the best way to move forward is to go backwards. Right? I think that’s a saying somewhere and if it’s not I’m going to coin it right now and put it on Pinterest and make it all official.

But my ex is still super-bossy, which is a tough environment for a wildflower like myself to flourish. It’s required sacrifice on my part. I’m always the one to sacrifice and frankly that part stinks.

My ex is making me give up mah baby.

Yep, he can still be a real dick.

But. I’m willing to sacrifice in order to make our relationship work. Because the benefits are better than anything I’m currently getting at home.

Reader, I know, I know – you’re wondering what exactly the fuck I’m talking about. Well, at the beginning of the year my ar-teest and I had an idea, along the lines of “Life is Good” only different, because life isn’t always good, sometimes it sucks a bagga dicks, and also we’re a no-pressure zone here, so we’ve TM’d some art that we think most of you can get behind:

I know, it’s pretty great, isn’t it??

And you want a t-shirt!

And a coffee mug!!

And magnets!!!

And keychains!!!!

And decals for your car!!!!!

Because it’s super-cute, and not all pressure-y about seizing the damn day, because who can even do that day-in-and-day-out, no one, that’s who, unless by “seizing the day” you mean going to work, packing lunches, cooking dinners, cleaning litter boxes, etc.

Because that’s what my day usually involves and I sure as fuck don’t feel like I’m seizing it, and certainly not “living each day like it’s going to be my last” because I would be drunk on a beach surrounded by friendies if that were the case, like more of this, only with empty bottles of rum littering my blankie.

And then no one would be around to clean the litter boxes.

So we’re shooting for “good enough.” Just “good enough” is perfectly fucking fine. I can usually find something good enough about each day.

And I hope you can, too, Reader.

So that’s my exciting news. I am working on selling six in each category right now. Want yours? Let me know.  I have until next week before I have to give up my baby.

Because as I mentioned above, the ex is back in my life.  And he no likey my involvement. Something about a conflict, which hurts my feelings, but I’ve said okay as long as I can give my baby to a good family to raise, and I think I’m able to do that.

Here’s the last of my exciting not exciting news: I quit my job. And am going back to my old company at the Card Mines. Not to be confused with Tiny Town, as there is no amount of money on God’s Green Earth that would make me even consider going there.

I’m leaving my job that I really love to go back with my friendies, to a stable company where I’m hopefully a little more stimulated. I feel I’ve gotten a little lazy/rusty in thinking, except the Card Mines won’t let me raise my baby.  I have a few days until I start, so I’m not currently in violation of anything, which is why I’m letting you know today about our exciting product line that someone else will be marketing, developing, selling.  Insert sad face here.

But I’m also excited about other things. My ex def has his good points, which is why I’m going back.

So yeah.  I’m currently unemployed for the next week. Then I’m re-employed with my ex. And I’m trying to grow a baby in the meantime.

And you wonder why I haven’t been here for you. Now don’t you feel ashamed?? That’s okay. You’re forgiven for all your bad thoughts about me.

Have a good enough day (TM), Reader.

I’ll do the same.








One thought on “Ex’s and Oh’s!!

  1. Ok, usually you’re funny with a large dose of cray-cray…but now your just annoying. MAKE SENSE GIRL! Give it to me in English! What the Fricken ‘ex’ are you talking about? Kenny? Cop? (Please don’t tell me your THAT crazy!)

    I think I get that you are putting out these ‘sayings’ and those must be your ‘baby’ – and you can’t run this when your under contract with some job. (By the way -that sucks! I would never work for that company)

    But WHO (or what?) is this ex? A cat, a human, a man, a woman…WHAT??????).

    Can you tell I’m highly stressed? My patience is not existent- so TELL ME! (Ok, I’m going to go find some cake and chocolate. You have me all twisted up!)

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