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Here’s What’s Cookin’

After 5 or so years, I was finally able to enjoy having Good Friday off from work.  I decided to use that gift of time to work on Family Traditions, including making cabbage rolls for Easter weekend.

Now, in the spirit of being open minded, I have to say that this isn’t my traditional family recipe. I’m open to experimentation, is what I’m saying. Ahem.

I’ve taken my friendie’s direction of sautéing the onions prior to adding them to the meat, and also using ground pork instead of the cheaper and more greasy Bob Evans sausage that my grandmother Sophie used.

I will spend the extra few dollars for less greasy cabbages, thanks.

I also switched it up a little this time, too, and actually did a little something with my sauce, per Ina Garten’s recipe, because she did not steer me wrong with her homemade brownies –  I combined some stuff, and added a little vinegar and brown sugar to the tomatoes, as well as a can of V8 juice which is my own idea. The family recipe calls for just dumping the canned sauce over the rolls.

I may have totally fucked up my family recipe.

It may also be the best cabbages I’ve ever made.

Taste will tell.

As a nod to my mama, I also made potato salad, but that too has become a hybrid recipe of sorts. I now include celery seed, per My Misters grandma, and I like it a lot.

So that’s what we’re putting in our mouths at Chez Bang Bang this weekend, Reader.

Stop in.

There’s always room for one more. Unless you’re a scary stalker murder-y type. Then, the party’s next door.

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