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The Bang Bang Theories

Oopsie Cakesie

Dear Cracker Barrel,

You know I love you. That hash brown casserole. The tiny tender baby carrots. Your biscuits with butter and blackberry jam in the tiny tin. Those pancakes – Lawd, those pancakes.

Your cute country store with your seasonal knick-knacks of which I need none, but walk by and touch them all on the way both in and out of the restaurant. The overpriced rockers on the front porch where we sit and wait our turn, if needed.

All good. All cute. We have no problems betwixt or between us, and I’m not here to stir any up, neither.


It would be remiss of me not to take issue with your marketing sign that greeted me as I was seated at your table for lunch a few Sundays back.


When in any instance is a dose of doubling my chocolate in chocolate cake an oops??

I mean, I get it. You’re trying to act all coy about having a double-dose of chocolate in your cake. But Oops? Implies you want to feed me your mistake food. And also it’s insulting to chocolate. And cake.

Don’t insult chocolate. Or cake. Or your customers with half-baked cake marketing.

With peace & love,

Trixie BB


And p.s., the answer is no, Reader I didn’t try it, because see paragraph 1. However should you like to send me a slice to sample and review, send that right on over to Chez Bang Bang. Perhaps Cracker BarrelĀ and Nabisco can duel for my favors.


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