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The Bang Bang Theories

Let’s Try This Again

Whew-wee, Reader! We’ve had some fits and starts, and restarts, and re-restarts with this here new blog.  We, meaning my tech guru and not really me at all, because what the hay do I know, think it’s all straightened out once and fer all, and I’ll be able to get right back to enlightening you in on the nonsense that runs rampant in my brain.

I went a little Jethro Bodine there for a moment, with the “fer,” etc, I just felt really twangy in my brain and it trickled down into mah fing-ahs. I hope it doesn’t stick around, cause this righ’cheer can get a little annoying, I’d think. Not to me, I’m having quite a time with it, but for you, Reader, and we both know I’m all about your comfort. Fer realz.

Anyhow. I think we’re up and running and unless I get another mad-rush of readers all at once crashing my site again we should be all set. I don’t know what number that mad-rush should be, but lets say that all bakers dozen of you must have got on here at once and that was the first problem. After that it was some different problem.  It really took a lot of tech to get us all ported over to another host – doesn’t that sound super-duper important?? Well, it was.

Now? It’s all up to me. I need to start bringing it. But not tonight. I think I’m going to go get an ice cream cone. Because summer’s coming. And I need to get my ice-cream licking routine down. It’s basically research. So I’m practically a scientist.

You can call me Dr. Bang Bang, Ph.D.


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