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The Bang Bang Theories

Bank On It

Hey there, Hi! I’m back from my glorious tropical vacation already.



That’s how fast 9 days went.

Rather than bore you make you jealous with all the glorious details, instead I’ll share a recentish Bang Bang Conversation.

Driving down the street, probably on the way to pick up a prescription for my anti-anxiety meds, I started to softly weep.

Him: “What’s wrong? Are you CRYING? We’re just going to the store!”

TBB: “You know ~sob~ …you haven’t been making …~hiccup~ ….any deposits… ~sniffles~ …in my… emotional bank lately!”

Him: Takes eyes off road, stares at me.

Him: “…deposits in your emotional bank????”

Him: Bursts out laughing. Uproariously so. I mean, really over the top.

TBB: “It’s….~wipes tear~…not fuuuuunnnnnny! ……starts to smile…..

TBB: Starts laughing….. “Did I really just say that?? Deposits in my emotional bank??”

Him: pats my leg, in a “there there” motion. apologizes though laughter. swears to do better.

TBB: doesn’t really believe it’ll happen, but at least she got it off her chest. and a new measurement has been added to the equation. and it’s come in quite handy in a variety of scenarios.

Despite the ridiculousness of the analogy, My Mister has been informed he is not allowed to make withdrawls on other people’s deposits, for the record. He’s sad about that, because I’ve had some super-sweet deposits by others lately, but his withdrawl slip comes up NSF.

My man-friend, who has made several deposits in my emotional bank lately, inquired as to where he should swipe his debit card.  It’s a valid question. And one I hadn’t completely thought through the retrieval process.

So the lesson we’ve learned here is sometimes being the banker can cause chafing.


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