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The Bang Bang Theories

You’ve Got a Friend

I can’t make this shit up, Reader.   Just when my original Nose Dot was a whisper of a shadow of it’s former self, a new dot popped up to replace it.  Not in the exact same spot, it moved a little more towards the center so there’s a better chance everyone will notice. It didn’t want to accidentally be overlooked. 

Reader. For two weeks now I’ve been drinking kale smoothies or fruit smoothies with a whole ka-bam’s worth of anti-oxidents, as well as added Juice Plus vitamins AND a dose of Jobees Bee Pollen for good measure.  With all that coursing through my system how could I possibly have any thing bad in my dermis that needs to rise to the top?? How?? 

I’m officially a middle-aged crazy with the skin of a pubescent teen. 

Lucky me. I curse you, Nose-Cancer Karma. 

Will cursing Karma actually net you more bad karma? Or will it cancel it out, like in math, where two negatives make a positive? 

I guess these are the things I should find out about Karma before I go around cursing it. 

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