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The Bang Bang Theories

Shingle Someone’s Roof

Hi Reader, Hi!!! Long time, no words from me to you. It’s not because I don’t love you, Reader – I do, I really really do! 

But I’ve been all caught up in my life and then I went on vacation. Yep, I had my fourth and final cruise for 2015 just this past week.  And it was super-fun, as always, only this one had an extra-special twist because somehow I convinced my almost-80-and-set-in-his-ways daddio and his lady-friend to join us on this trip.  

I know, I was surprised, too!  

In all seriousness – which is rare around these parts – it was so great to spend time with them.  I realized that my dad is actually getting older.  And that’s a hard realization to accept, Reader.  And I also learned more of his words of wisdom on this trip, which I shall use myself at some point in my life.  

We took a trolley tour of Jamaica. He really enjoyed the tour, and I think seeing how shamble-y it is outside the Walls of Vacation was eye-opening, and he really liked the Jamaican girl who gave us the tour. So much so, that he gave her a little tip, and wanted to tell her supervisor what a great job she did.   

After he did that, we were walking away and he uttered my very favorite sentence of the whole trip. You need to read this with a slow southern drawl, please. Yes, Reader, it’s time you did a little work with this blog.  So practice it, and then you can read this next sentence. 

Alright? Ready? Go. 

“Well, I may not be able to put a shingle on her roof, but I sure as heck ain’t gonna take one off, neither.” 

So yeah. Gold. Pure Gold.  

And now I’m back, feet on the ground again. And I am almost finished with my vacation book, Liz Gilbert’s newest release Big Magic and it has reignited me to work on my craft, with fortunately – or unfortunately, as the case may be – is writing this nonsense,  it’s how I give back to the WORLD, Reader, so really I’m a philanthropist with a CRAFT and not just words about vaginas, vacations and cats. 

I’m Big Magic. Don’t de-shingle my roof, Reader. 

**For you, Reader, who may not quite understand my daddio’s words of wisdom and took it right to something dirty, first of all get your mind out of the gutter. Not everything on here goes there. It usually does. But not always. Basically it means if you can’t say/do something nice, don’t say/do anything at all. But his version is much, much, much more magically fun. 

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