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Tidy Cat

Okay, either “I’m sorry” or “your welcome” for leaving you with a picture of the camel toe for so long. I’m not here to judge. Well, not that, anyway.  On a side note, someone I know just said yesterday that my writing is sometimes “perverted.” I was flattered.  And, oh, by the way, that makes you, Reader, who’s reading this also a little perverted.  We’re all Flatteringly Perverted. You’re now part of the club. I think we should get t-shirts made. 

But that’s not what I came here to tell you about.  

I came here to say a lot of other things, but then realized it’s been a really long time since you’ve seen Kitten Cuteness and I owe you that. 

This is Nosey Dots (who is formally named Jessie, but we call him Nosey most of the time, because he has dots on his nose, duh) and Gussy.  Nosey is cleaning him up.  Nosey cleans everyone. 

He likes his kittens on the tidy side. 

Even if he has to pin them down with his 14.4 lb. fat cat ass. 

Yeah, we weighed him. 

You can get a mild hernia picking him up. 

My kittens turned 1 on the Fourth of July.  Well, that’s the day they first found me. They probably turned 1 sometime in May.  

They are still ridiculously cute.  They have the wanderlust, though, and have spent a lot of summer hours outside.  Yeah, we let them outside. Gussy is small enough that he fits through the slats on the deck and just jumps off and then goes into the woods and ravine to play.  So we let his brothers out too, because safety in numbers. 

But sometimes Gussy doesn’t come back for a while, and he spent most of the other night outside, which caused me to awake every two hours to call for him because Worried Mama.  

He finally came in at 4 a.m., flying across the lawn to get in and went right to his litter box. He either doesn’t know he can poop outside, or he’s refined and prefers to do it in his litter box so I have the privilege of cleaning up more of his poop.  I’m lucky, I guess. 

So yeah, I never thought I’d let me Beloved Indoor Housecats outside, but the heart wants what the heart wants. And their hearts want to play in the yard, and feel grass under their feet and chase bugs.  I don’t want to keep ’em locked up for life. But I do think I need to get an enclosed area outside so they can have grass under their feet, without the risk of getting eaten by a coyote.   That’s next on the house projects list. 

Enjoy your Sunday, Reader. I’ve got a cookout with corn on the cob and peach pie to enjoy at my Daddio’s today.  Summer = Yummer.  

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