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The Bang Bang Theories


Well, Reader, it’s official – I’m moving! 

Not really, but it made it exciting for a moment, huh.  

Anyway, while I’m not actually moving, I feel like I’m moving because I am going to be G.O.N.E. for quite a long time starting soon. I’m being evasive because you don’t need to know absolutely all my business, unless you’re on Facebook, and then you know all+more=probably-too-much of my business. Friend me up if you wanna know what I’m doing. Or keep guessing, your choice. No pressure to be my friend. I’ve actually realized recently that sometimes it’s better to stay out of touch with people. This doesn’t mean YOU, Reader, unless you have reason to think it does. Then it might mean you. But probably not. 

But that’s not even the reason for this. The reason for this is so I don’t leave you without my words before I jet off for the wild blue yonder. Because I’m revisiting beautiful Caribbean islands starting in the morning. Drat, I was supposed to be evasive with the “when.” I sort of suck at elusive. Well, be that as it may, after the wild blue yonder I’m heading straight from San Juan to San Fransisco, because most people really are worth staying in touch with, and one of them happens to live in the San Fran area. So yay! I get to visit and stay in a swanky-danky apartment right downtown for several glorious weeks.  And pretend/practice living there, to see if I in fact do want to move from my cold, crusty, cloud-covered home-sweet-home. 

I realized while in Florida last month that FL may not be the place for me. Yet. It’s so gol’darn* hot there. Even in March. 

So that’s what I’m up to. I still have to pack. I’m unemployed, with a lady-of-leisure lifestyle, and I still can’t seem to get ahead of the game. In my defense (excuse?) I’ve had quite a busy week. We’re dog-watching, so I have a six month old husky in the house, which has driven the cats completely over the edge. Completely.  Gussy, the littlest of the bunch, went right into House Protector mode and started to break bad all over that pups ass. He was taking a running start from across the room and parkouring right into the dog.  So we had to lock ’em up in the bedroom. The cats, not the dog. 

I’ve also been enjoying the hell out of company lately. I’ve seen more people in the past two months than I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in the past three years.  So yeah, visiting vs. finishing the office, etc. And it’s been a good trade. Pictures will come of the nearly-finished office. Some day. Probably Mayish. 

I’ve also promised, and not delivered on Cats in Easter Costumes. I know I’ve just broken your hearts out there. I could hear them crumbling. Maybe, if I get done packing and drink a glass or gallon of wine, I’ll post. I feel I owe it to you because I’ll be gone so long.  Try not to miss me too much. I’ll do the missing for us. 

*I’ve decided to start using gol’darn more often, because I’ve been watching The Last Man On Earth and one of the characters says it, and it’s cute and I’m going to be cute and less sweary too. Or not. We’ll see how that works out. I did tell my friend she gets to kick me in the pussy if I’m still packing at 1 a.m. tonight, and at the rate I’m going I’d better get ‘er prepared. Because I have a feeling I’m going to be getting a gol’darn kick right in the pussy tomorrow morning. 

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