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Just A Moment On the Lips

It wasn’t all that long ago when I professed my undying love to another and even made plans for Happily Ever After.  

And now, Reader, I’m just a whore-y liar with an unfaithful mouth.  

That’s the trouble with cheating. Once you get a little taste on your lips, you want it again. And again. And again. 

That is, if it’s good. Sometimes you can get a taste of something new and you do not ever want to put that on your lips again. Sometimes. But sometimes it’s the opposite, and it’s all you can think about, putting your lips right back where they belong. 

Since Friday, it’s been all I could think of. Well, not exactly all I could think of, but it’s been hanging out in the back of my brain since Friday,  and when the opportunity presented itself today to meet up with my mouth again, I did, without hesitation. My lips wanted it so badly. Because my lips are unfaithful and whore-y. And my tongue, because it did a lot of the work, too. 

I thought Mitchell’s Sea Salt Carmel and me could never be broken up. How wrong I was, Reader. How wrong indeed.  It was a fleeting love affair, and at the first sampling of another, it became my go-to selection – Lavender Honey. 

Maybe Lavender Honey and me are just a sweet and delicious love affair that will shine too hot and fizzle by Fall, and I’ll be back with my beloved Sea Salt Carmel by the winter. Or maybe this is just the start of random samplings of other flavors. 

Never trust a girl with a whore-y mouth. Or at the very least, keep her around for a good time, but probably don’t marry her. You learned, Salted Carmel, when she passed right by you at the ice cream window and didn’t even give you a second thought.  She had moved on to the flavor of the moment.

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