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The Very Worst Thing

When I first decided to do a bit on What I’ve Put In My Mouth Lately, I had really no idea of the cornucopia of material I would have in front of me. Apparently, I put a lot of noteworthy things right in my mouth, Reader. 

In the follow-up of the latest teaser-post, here is the evidence of the Very Worst Thing I’ve Had In My Mouth Lately.  I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath. Wait no longer. 
THIS is the Very Worst Thing I’ve Had in My Mouth lately: 

Now, normally I enjoy the restaurant that served up this little morsel. Normally, Reader. Not this time. 

My friendies and I try to get together on some sort of a basis so we can catch up with each other and eat.  We usually go to this little restaurant in town that serves up vegan fare for my friend The Healthy Hoff

As much as I love the Healthy Hoff, this was unacceptable. 

It was spicy. And wormy. And gross. 

Reader, because of this meal right here, I became a spitter, not a swallower. 

The second worst part of the night was when the table behind us ordered some disgusting smelling fish meal THAT THEY COOK AT THE TABLE, Reader – FISH cooked AT THE TABLE. 

The table directly behind me. 

Where I sat downwind from the smelliest meal on Planet Earth. 

And it glommed onto my clothes and hair. 

I smelled delightful.  Ahem. 

But the best part of the worst meal? Was my friendies, of course. They make even a horrible spicy worm in my mouth worth it. 

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