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The Bang Bang Theories

Bangers & Fizzy Drinks

“ello, Loves! I’ve been in London and now have a proper English accent, complete with calling you Madame, as the situation warrants. 

It was a last-minute jaunt across the pond for work, where “work” equalled shopping for trends. AKA, Most Fun Work Ever. When I wasn’t exhausted, that is. Because we did a lot of walking. A. Lot. 

I was most excited about the possibility of randomly bumping into Supernanny, as I’ve had a long-standing crush on Nanny Jo, with her pants that always seem to go up her crotch and the way she has with putting everyone in the naughty chair. 

I didn’t bump into her, so I was sad. 

I did, however, bump into Crumbs Bakery in the Newark airport, thanks to my CupCake Watch Club Member, Joanne, who texted me the alert so I didn’t miss out. 

That cupcake was the best time I’ve had in my mouth in a very long time.  It was such a party going on between my cheeks that I bought a half dozen on the way home. 

They are gone. 

That was three days ago.

You do the math. 

I’m going to Providence in two weeks, and have discovered they have a Crumbs there, too. 

I believe I will be rendezvousing with peanut butter and chocolate in my near future. 

In the meantime, all this travel has set me back a pace or two on the house getting-ready, so we’ve got to get a little more focused as we went out on a limb and invited a slew of people over in a few short weeks. If all else fails, I can order cupcakes and everyone will be in sugary bliss and not even notice the boxes they are sitting on that I creatively call “occasional seating.” 

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