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The Bang Bang Theories

Some Assembly Required

Another vacuum has met it’s demise at Chez Bang Bang.   You may recall, this house kills vacuums

Today when I went to clean up around here, the vacuum just sort of pushed the cat hairs around into little balls and left weird track marks.  

It did not look attractive. At all.

The suction was not sucking. So we bought another one.  

Contemplated a Dyson, but I just could not pull the trigger on a four hundred dollar potentially dead in a year vacuum.

We eyed the $79 Hoover.  But then, as we were putting it in the cart, a little beauty caught my eye. 

Shark makes something very similar to the Dyson ball thingamajig, and it was a fraction of the price. Like, $119 fraction. So only slightly more than the Hoover, and it looked very cute. 

It’s white and trim. 

Like me. 


We struggled to put the mofo together, and had the handle on backwards the first time. 

But we did it! Hooray!! 

And I vacuumed half of the hallway and had a full bagless container. 

Our cats are gross. 

It’s nimble and lithe and sort of on the quiet side. It didn’t even scare the cats too much. 

We are getting ready to go and disassemble the bedroom. 

We bought a new t.v. stand for the new 55″ bedroom t.v.  

I don’t have a lot of confidence in our abilities of putting it together, but we DID get the vacuum put together, in addition to my putting together a paper tray thing for the desk, which should have been a simple set-up but it was from Ikea and everything from Ikea comes with ridiculous complications.  

We’re also hauling out carpet and doing a complete bedroom makeover. Nothing like getting started at 8:30 on a Sunday night. 

Better late than never.

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