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How I’ll Have a Happy New Year

I think it’s time for a few resolutions. 

Looking back at 2012, I had some really big things that went on – some good, some not as good. 

When thinking of all the good, there is a recurring theme to each of the events: Friends. 

Spending 5 glorious days in Mexico with my best childhood girlfriend. We don’t see each other that often, we try to get together a few times a year, but this trip just sort of happened. It was perfect and I loved it. 

Taking my yearly week-long cruise with my adulthood girlfriend. J & I always have a good time on our trip. I’m a little worried we have nothing planned this year and I’m not sure how my new job is going to work out with that, but I’m sure it will. 

An impromptu Thanksgiving dinner with non-family. Where I discovered the best wine, Tomey,  and had a really great day giving thanks with friends. 

A girl’s weekend getaway to the shore with cousins and close family friends. 

Also worth mention are just the everyday times spent chatting or visiting with friends.  That was the best parts about 2012, and are the stand-out times looking back. 

So that leads me to a resolution for 2013: Do more of what made me happy in 2012, and that was spending time with friends and family. I’d better get started on making some plans. 

New job. While it’s not a bad job, the hours are making me unhappy. I’ve adjusted to the drive. But I spend far far too many hours at my desk in Tiny Town. 

I kept thinking it would all smooth out, but I’m not sure it will. So I need to make adjustments so I’m happier. 

For this new year, I’m giving myself a quitting time of 6:00.  That’s still an hour longer than my prescribed office hours, but I’ll concede to 6:00. If I get out more days than not by 6:00, I’ll be happier in the long run. Even with this in mind, I was still there til 7:00 on Thursday. But 2 days, I got out by 6 and enjoyed my evening much more. 

I also got a Fitbit thingamajig for Christmas (which I wanted) to track how much I move around. Because I was fairly certain I’m at slug level, since I sit so much tethered to my chain and computer at Tiny Town. So I’ve also made it a goal to get up and walk every hour there. The long way to the restroom, a stop at the cafeteria for a water refill.  It seems to help me enjoy the day a little more.

Oh, if you’re curious, yes I am officially moving at a slug’s pace during the day. If I crack 2,000 steps it’s a busy day. I don’t know that I’ll ever achieve a 10,000 step day, that seems ridiculous considering my patterns, but I’ve actually made it to 4,000 steps since I’ve made it a goal to move away from my desk more. 

So those are the two big things that I will focus on, and then some smaller goals that I’ve written down in my newly purchased calendar.  I’ve got the usual resolution suspects: organize the house, organize my life, do dishes before they pile up and look like a hoarders den, save more money. But that’s just the same shit everyone says, so these other two are my main focus for 2013. Friends and making time for a homelife. 

Those 2 things will make my 2013 happy.

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