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Resolution Worth Keeping

My resolutions are not well-thought out. I just don’t even really know, and I’m sure you couldn’t care less about my resolutions anyway. 

The best resolutions I’ve ever made were to swear as much as possible and eat chocolate every day. I was very successful that year. 

The worst resolution I’ve ever made was to have sex every day. By February I was sick of seeing My Mister’s wiener. Get that thing away from me already.

Too much of a good thing. Too bad it didn’t work like that for chocolate. 

I would have probably lost 20 lbs. that year. 

I’ve just made a resolution that I may have no trouble keeping. Take a picture of my cute cute kitty every day. 365 Pictures of DJ. Starting now.  Kitty Purry’s also in the shot, so bonus. 

I probably won’t post them all. You’re welcome. 

Except to a Facebook Album which I shall create now and title  ZOB: The Year of the Cat.  

I’m pretty sure that’s part of the Chinese calendar. 

You’re welcome to friend the eff outta me on there and follow along.  That could be YOUR resolution. One you hate. But it’s easier than eating more salad or something like that. 

I pretty much accept any friend request. Except for co-workers. Because I don’t like to have a constant vigilance regarding vagina talks or talks of Tiny Town. But Facebook is pretty much for cat pictures and nonsense. Like this blog, only with less vagina, because my nephews are on there and I do have some standards, Reader.

They’re low standards, but they are standards none-the-less. 

So there you have it. My New Year Resolution. 

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