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The Saga

I started this story with the sentence, “I”m ashamed to admit this…” but then realized that wasn’t one bit true at all, and I was just using that phrase to temper my dorkiness. I’m not ashamed, Reader, to admit that I’ve not only read all the Twilight’s, but as of this weekend, have also now seen the whole Saga. And I’ve dragged My Mister along with me for all four movies, kicking and protesting, but he’s gone none-the-less. She who has the pussycat has the power. 

See what I did there for you, Reader? I made this a CAT post. 

But back to the story.   

There was a slight miscommunication, and I thought that we had planned to go see the last Twilight over this past weekend with our friends The Hoffs.  So I put My Mister on a mission to go and get  Breaking Dawn Part 1 so we could catch up in time to catch the movie on Saturday. 

We crammed it in late Friday night. And I have to say, my little kitteh (see, another valid CAT post!) was on my lap (he was under the weather, a little cold and sore paws) and when Jacob and the other woofs turned into giant woofs, he jumped back against me and was mesmerized by the telly, with all that growling and whatnot. I found that to be a little charming, that he was watching Twilight with us.

Anyway, we watched it and didn’t hate it, but both agreed that it could have ended right there, with Bella’s blood red eyes opening and that could have been that. We didn’t need yet another movie. 

But having committed to three of them at that point, we HAD to go see the last, even once I discovered that the Hoffs went without us while I was busy NOT having the day off from Tiny Town on Friday.  My Mister said we had to go that night, before we both totally lost interest.  

So we went. And in the beginning I wanted my time back. And then some stuff happened in the middle and we started to get involved. And then the most awesome fight scene erupted and we loved it, right down to clapping during some of the losing-their-head scenes. That is, when we weren’t gasping at all the shock-deaths that happened. 

By the end? Stupid Bella and Edward were back in the flower field, and promising something about forever, and they flashed all the people who had been characters from all the stories, and a whole reminiscent scene of Edward & Bella’s blossoming love story, and I found myself getting all misty-eyed. I blamed the dust in the theater.  

My Mister looked over in disbelief, asking, “Are you…CRYING??”  

Yes, dammit. I CRIED. It was a stupid shitty love story, and it still made me cry. 

On the way out, he bought me a $3 Twilight cup.  

Now that’s true love. 

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