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The Bang Bang Theories

Bad is Bad

Huey Lewis & The News was in town last night, Reader, and guess who was at the concert?? Go ahead, give ‘er a guess.  

Give up?

Well, us, of course! My Mister is Huey’s #1 Fan. Yes, he would hobble him and keep him in the back room as a pet if the opportunity presented itself. He loves him that hard. 

We see every Huey concert in the surrounding vacinity, and have even traveled out of the country (well, Canada, but technically it IS International Travels) to see Mr. Lewis & his News. 

The News aren’t looking very new any more. Everyone’s getting old. Er. Older. But Huey, he could still keep the Heart of Rock & Roll a-beatin’, and jammed around on that harmonica like he owned that bitch. 

Most interesting part of the “rock” concert, in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame City?  Some chick was up and dancing in her seat, shakin’ her moneymaker and just having a grand old time. Everyone else was sitting.  We were sitting because everyone else was, and I would have just felt awkward to be a lone dancer. 

But that’s not the interesting part. The interesting part was when some old (50’s old, not really old, but grey-headed old, not 50-is-the-new-30 old), yelled out “SIT THE FUCK DOWN, YOU BITCH, YOU’RE BLOCKING MY VIEW!” 

I, of course, turned around to witness the commotion. The gal who was dancing? Got mad props from me (silently, I didn’t want to really get involved), as she turned around, looked at the lady and proceeded to dance harder and shout louder. She sat down when she was damned good and ready, about 2 songs later, and then she was up on her feet as the music moved her. 

It was a little geriatric of a concert. It started at 7:30, and at 9:07 Huey announced it was almost time to wrap things up because at his age, 9:00 means bedtime.  He was kidding, but I like that he poked fun at himself.  The couple sitting if front of me were wearing ear plugs. I don’t get how you can hear a music concert while wearing ear plugs. The whole point of a concert is to hear the music. Right? And a lot of people were “beating the crowd” so they left before the awesome encore. Earplugs Couple included. 

I don’t know reader. I’m confused about proper concerting, I guess. To dance, not to dance? Ear-plug or not ear-plug? Leave early or see the encore? Those are the questions. 

But Huey and My Mister? Danced to their own beats and enjoyed the hell out of themselves. And we stayed to the very last note was sung. 

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