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The Bang Bang Theories

North, by the Lake

I spent the weekend looking at this view,  Reader.  And swimming in that pool. And dipping in the hot tub. 

At the end of September. In Northern Ohio. In September. Swimming. In an outdoor pool.

I want to reiterate that point, Reader.  

It was a weekend of cousins, sisters, friends. And wine. Don’t forget the wine. It helped us overlook the forest that was growing on our legs. Because we live in Ohio and it’s September. It’s when we begin the burrowing process, to hunker through the winter. 

We had to shave up, because the sun was shining and the temp was 79 degrees and that’s just plenty warm for Ohio girls to go swimming. We’re hearty that way. Probably because the hairy legs keep us warm.

Lemme tell you what hurts.  Chlorine meeting freshly-shaved legs. That smarts.  But was so so worth it.  

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