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The Bang Bang Theories

Mashed Berries.

Today I’m spending part of my time doing Responsible Things, a.k.a, Avoiding A Call From Hoarders. And part of my time was spent cleaning out the refrigerator.  Where I discovered I have a bit of a jelly hoarding problem. 

This many jars in my fridge, and I do not have a Brady Bunch amount of kids running around needing PB&J packed lunches by the dozens. 

Nope. Just me & My Mister here. And plee-enty of jelly. And there was more in the door of the fridge, the upside-down squeeze bottle kind that doesn’t fit on this shelf. 

The worst part is, I can’t see throwing it out because it’s not like it’s inedible and I see Sophie turning over in her cremains at the thought of throwing out perfectly good food, and I do see visions of those little Sally Struther’s kids flashing before me, thinking how much they’d appreciate my abundance with their gruel. 

So I can’t throw it out in good conscience.  So we’ll have a shelf full of jelly.

Anyone need jelly? You know where to find it. 

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