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The Bang Bang Theories

Sleeping Near the Enemy

Apparently the allure of sleeping on the soft blankie and the recliner overrides their acrimonious relationship. 

Because even after seven months of togetherness, Purry and Girlie are often hissing and boxing each other. Needless-to-say, I was surprised – and hesitant – when they both wanted up on the recliner.  Past attempts have resulted in a cat fight right on my lap, which I do not enjoy at all. It’s scary, because they are very loud for being so small. 

I’ve asked them nicely to please try and get along out of respect for my still-broken heart for their brother Twinkle Toes. 

Maybe they’re trying.  Or maybe they were just too tired to fight. 

Probably that one. Because cats are usually just out-for-themselves assholes. It’s part of their charm. 
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