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The Bang Bang Theories

Here’s to a job. Done.

We celebrated the end of my era in The Card Mines Friday after work.

The girls had a balloon dude make me a crown and a magic “wand.”  Which really didn’t look anything like a magic wand, but that mess on my head could’t have looked less like a crown, either. 

Balloon-maker was really really bad at his job.  

He asked me about my new job. I told him I was going to be a stripper. Because really, if he can call himself a balloonist, I can call myself a stripper. I think we’d both provide about the same quality of work.

I tipped him $10. He needs encouragement.  

We drank big margaritas. 

Some friends showed up which was super-nice, especially considering it was a gorgeous Friday night and I’m sure they had other more outdoorsy places they’d rather be than in a bar.  But maybe not. 

The more I had of the giant margarita, the more maul-y I got: 

Meggan was the unfortunate recipient of my displayable love.   And then the photos got blurry. And I started to look really sweaty and draggy. 

Yet they still had nice things to say about me, and even wrote them down and gave me presents, which was really nice and unexpected.

Thanks, Friends.  And Hoff for arranging. I will never forget you. Unless I’m too busy hanging out with my new friends ~ wink. 

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