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The Bang Bang Theories


Hello, Reader! I’ve been busy cruisin’ and sight-seein’ and eatin’ and drinkin’ and laughin’ and  a bunch of other “in'” words. Including sunburnin’ . That Mexican Sun is unforgivin’. I’m splotchy. Despite my best efforts.

Ah well.

Today is our last day of vacation. We visited Labadee (Haiti), Jamaica (where JOanne climbed Dunns River Falls and I watched her do it because I’ve already been-ther-done-that), Grand Cayman (where it poured rain our heads and towels and everything else we were carrying), and finally Cozumel (where it burned me right through my SPF50).

I was going to spend some time writing but the computer keys are touchy and so this is it. SSL (sorry so lame).

Be home tomorrow, kissing cats and kenny . And regalling you with my trip highlights. Lucky you ~ smile.

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